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List of Canceled and Replaced Headings



Actual innocenceWrongful conviction
Apartment housesApartment buildings
Applications for positionsJob applications
Arab Spring, 2010–Arab Spring, 2010–2012
Bar codingBarcoding
BlacksBlack people
Blacks — AfricaBlack people— Africa
Blacks — BiographyBlack people— Biography
Blacks — CanadaBlack people— Canada
Blacks — Civil rightsBlack people— Civil rights
Blacks — Economic conditionsBlack people— Economic conditions
Blacks — EducationBlack people— Education
Blacks — EmploymentBlack people— Employment
Blacks — FolkloreBlack people— Folklore
Blacks — FranceBlack people— France
Blacks — HousingBlack people— Housing
Blacks — Intellectual lifeBlack people— Intellectual life
Blacks — Political activityBlack people— Political activity
Blacks — Race identityBlack people— Race identity
Blacks — ReligionBlack people— Religion
Blacks — SegregationBlack people— Segregation
Blacks — Social conditionsBlack people— Social conditions
Blacks — Social life and customsBlack people— Social life and customs
Blacks — SuffrageBlack people— Suffrage
Blacks in artBlack people in art
Blacks in literatureBlack people in literature
Blacks in motion picturesBlack people in motion pictures
Blacks in the motion picture industryBlack people in the motion picture industry
Car poolsCarpools
Cellular telephonesCell phones
Children with mental disabilitiesChildren with developmental disabilities
Children with mental disabilitiesChildren with intellectual disabilities
Children with mental disabilities — EducationChildren with intellectual disabilities—Education
Children with social disabilitiesSocially disadvantaged children
Chinese New YearLunar New Year
Collecting of accountsDebt collection
Demonic possessionDemoniac possession
Dystopias — FictionDystopian fiction
Female circumcisionFemale genital mutilation
First Nations — RelocationFirst Nations — Forced removal
Fund raisingFundraising
Future lifeAfterlife
Hearing ear dogsHearing dogs
Hearing impairedHard of hearing
Human-animal relationshipsHuman-animal relationship
Internet televisionStreaming television
Intifada, 2000–Intifada, 2000–2005
Islands of the PacificPacific Islands
Japanese Americans— Evacuation andJapanese Americans — Forced removal and
relocation, 1942-1945incarceration
Japanese Canadians — Evacuation andJapanese Canadians — Forced removal and
relocation, 1942-1945incarceration
LGBT comic books, strips, etc.LGBTQ comic books, strips, etc.
LGBT literatureLGBTQ literature
LGBT peopleLGBTQ people
LGBT people in the militaryLGBTQ people in the military
Manic-depressive illnessBipolar disorder
Mental retardationIntellectual disabilities
Native Americans — RelocationNative Americans — Forced removal
Navajo IndiansNavajo
Nonindigenous pestsInvasive pests
Palestinian ArabsPalestinians
Parents of gaysParents of LGBTQ people
People with mental disabilitiesPeople with intellectual disabilities
People with mental disabilitiesPeople with developmental disabilities
People with social disabilitiesSocially disadvantaged people
PoorPoor people
Poor — CanadaPoor people — Canada
Poor — Medical carePoor people — Medical care
Project VoyagerVoyager project
RichRich people
TranssexualismTranssexual people
Unauthorized immigrantsUndocumented immigrants
Web-based instructionOnline education



African American elderlyAfrican American older people
Aliens (Foreign population)Noncitizens
Aliens (Foreign population)— United StatesNoncitizens — United States
Cancer — PatientsCancer patients
Counter cultureCounterculture
Dress accessoriesFashion accessories
ElderlyOlder people
Elderly— CanadaOlder people— Canada
Elderly— CareOlder people— Care
Elderly— Counseling ofOlder people— Counseling of
Elderly— DiseasesOlder people— Diseases
Elderly— EducationOlder people— Education
Elderly— Health and hygieneOlder people— Health and hygiene
Elderly— Home careOlder people— Home care
Elderly— HousingOlder people— Housing
Elderly— Institutional careOlder people— Institutional care
Elderly— Library servicesLibrary services to older people
Elderly— Life skills guidesOlder people— Life skills guides
Elderly— Medical careOlder people— Medical care
Elderly— RecreationOlder people— Recreation
Elderly— SocietiesOlder people— Societies
Elderly— United StatesOlder people— United States
Elderly menOlder men
Elderly womenOlder women
Facebook (Web site)Facebook (Website)
Farm familyFarm families
Fortran (Computer language)[no replacement]
Gays and lesbians in the militaryLGBT people in the military
Generation YMillennials (Persons)
Google (Firm)[no replacement]
Illegal aliensUnauthorized immigrants
Libraries and African AmericansLibrary services to African Americans
Love storiesRomance fiction
Native Americans — CanadaFirst Nations
Romance literatureRomance language literature
Social work with the elderlySocial work with older people
Students — Library servicesLibrary services to students
Twitter (Web site)Twitter (Website)
Web sitesWebsites
Young adults’ librariesLibrary services to young adults



Al-Qaeda (Organization) Qaida (Organization)
Aliens Aliens (Foreign population)
Aliens—United States Aliens (Foreign population)—United States
American literature—Hispanic American authorsAmerican literature—Latino authors
Animals and the handicapped Animals and people with disabilities
Architecture and the handicapped Architecture and people with disabilities
Bible. N.T. Bible. New Testament
Bible. O.T. Bible. Old Testament
Computer bulletin boards Internet forums
Computers and the handicapped Computers and people with disabilities
Discrimination against the handicapped Discrimination against people with disabilities
Ethnic art [no replacement]
Extraterrestrial beings Aliens (Fictional characters)
Firearms Guns
Handicapped People with disabilities
Handicapped children Children with disabilities
Hispanic American authors Latino authors
Hispanic Americans Latinos (U.S.)
Koran Qur’an
Koran—Recitation Qur’an—Recitation
Mentally handicapped People with mental disabilities
Mentally handicapped children Children with mental disabilities
Olympic games, 1996 (Atlanta, Ga.) Olympic games, 2012 (London, England)
Parents of handicapped children Parents of children with disabilities
Physically handicapped People with physical disabilities
Physically handicapped children Children with physical disabilities
Sex role Gender role
Socially handicapped People with social disabilities
Socially handicapped children Children with social disabilities
Sports for the handicapped Sports for people with disabilities
State, The State
Violoncellists Cello players
Violoncellos Cellos
Vocational guidance for the handicapped Vocational guidance for people with disabilities



Charity organization Charitable organizations
Commonwealth of Independent States [no replacement]
Communism—Soviet Union Communism—Russia
East Indians Indians
Fans Fans (Dress accessories)
Former Soviet republics [no replacement]
Fringe benefits Employee benefits
Greenhouse effect Global warming
High fidelity sound systems[no replacement]
Holocaust, 1933-1945 Holocaust, 1939-1945
Holocaust, 1933-1945—Personal narratives Holocaust, 1939-1945—Personal narratives
Hypertext Hyperlinks
Indic literature Indian literature
In-line skating Rollerblading
Interviews (Journalism) Interviewing in journalism
Sex (Biology) Sex—Physiological aspects
Sex (Psychology) Sex—Psychological aspects
Russia (Federation) Russia
Russia (Federation)—History—1991- Russia—History—1991-
Soviet literature Russian literature
Soviet Union Russia—History—1917-1991, Soviet Union
Soviet Union—History Russia—History—1917-1991, Soviet Union
Soviet Union—History—1917-1921, Revolution Russia—History—1917-1921, Revolution
Soviet Union—History—1917-1925 Russia—History—1917-1925
Soviet Union—History—1925-1953 Russia—History—1925-1953
Soviet Union—History—1953-1991 Russia—History—1953-1991
Soviets (People) [no replacement]
State rights States’ rights
Videodiscs DVDs
United States—Armed forces—Recruiting, enlistment, etc.United States—Armed forces—Recruiting and enlistment
United States. Army—Recruiting, enlistment, etc.United States. Army—Recruiting and enlistment
United States. Navy—Recruiting, enlistment, etc.United States. Navy—Recruiting and enlistment



Alcohol as fuel Alcohol fuels
Ardennes, Battle of the, 1944-1945 Ardennes (France), Battle of the, 1944-1945
Atlantis Atlantis (Legendary place)
Biological diversity Biodiversity
Biological diversity conservation Biodiversity conservation
Libraries and the elderly Elderly—Library services
Holmes, Sherlock (Fictitious character) Holmes, Sherlock (Fictional character)
Native peoples Indigenous peoples
Intifada, 1987- Intifada, 1987-1992
Microcomputers Personal computers
Popular music—Texts Popular song lyrics
Sexual behavior Sex
Stereotype (Psychology) Stereotype (Social psychology)
Super Bowl Super Bowl (Game)
Libraries and students Students—Library services
Teacher exchange Teacher exchange programs
United States—History—1783-1809 United States—History—1783-1815
Vigilance committees Vigilantes



American periodicals Periodicals-United States
Australian aborigines Aboriginal Australians
Chicago—Description Chicago—Description and travel
Database management—Computer programs Database management—Computer software
Greece-Description Greece—Description and travel
Greece-Description—0-323 Greece—Description and travel—0-323
Ohio—Description Ohio—Description and travel
Rome—Description Rome—Description and travel
Rome (Italy)—Description Rome (Italy)—Description and travel
Soviet Union—History-i1953-1985 Soviet Union-History—i 953-1991
Soviet Union—History-i1985-1991 Soviet Union-History 1953-1991
United States—Description United States—Description and travel
Utilities (Computer programs)Utilities (Computer software)



Accreditation (Education) Schools—Accreditation
Aerospace industries Aerospace industry
African American business people African American businesspeople
African Americans in television African Americans on television
Agricultural industries Agricultural industry
American actors Actors—United States
American architecture Architecture—United States
American artists Artists—United States
American arts Arts—United States
American composers Composers—United States
American decoration and ornament Decoration and ornament—United States
American ethics Ethics—United States
American folk dancing Folk dancing—United States
American historians Historians—United States
American illustrators Illustrators—United States
American literature—American Indian authors American literature—Native American authors
American musicians Musicians—United States
American newspapers Newspapers—United States
American painters Painters—United States
American philosophers Philosophers—United States
American sculptors Sculptors—United States
Anglo—Saxon language English language—Old English period
Anglo—Saxon literature English literature—Old English period
Animal rights movements Animal rights movement
Apple Apples
Art forgeries Art—Forgeries
Automobile engines Automobiles—Motors
Black business people Black businesspeople
Book industries Book industry
Book industries—Exhibitions Books—Exhibitions
Books—Classification Library classification
Books—Reviews Book reviews
Brothers.and sisters Siblings
Business people Businesspeople
Buying Purchasing
Carpets Rugs and carpets
Cave drawings Cave drawings and paintings
Ceramic industries Ceramic industry
Charts Charts, diagrams, etc.
Chicago (111.)—Social policy Social policy—Chicago (Ill.)
Children and adults Child—adult relationship
Children—Costume Children's costumes
Children—Employment Child labor
China—History--1989, Tiananman Square Incident Tiananmen Square Incident, Beijing (China), 1989
Christian art and symbolismChristian art
Christian symbolism
Christian unity Christian union
Ecumenical movement
Interdenominational cooperation
Christmas plays Christmas—Drama
Christmas poetry Christmas—Poetry
City life City and town life
Clay industries Clay industry
Colonial architecture American colonial style in architecture
Architecture—United States— 1600—1775, Colonial period
Computer aided design Computer—aided design
Computer assisted instruction Computer—assisted instruction
Congresses and conventions Conferences
County libraries Public libraries
Regional libraries
Credit card crimes Credit card fraud
Cross cultural studies Cross—cultural studies
Customer service Customer services
Cyclotron Cyclotrons
Czechoslovakia—History—1989—1992 Czechoslovakia—History— 1945—1992
D.D.T. (Insecticide) DDT (Insecticide)
Defense industries Defense industry
DNA fingerprints DNA fingerprinting
Drapery Draperies
Drilling and boring Drilling and boring (Earth and rocks)
Drilling and boring (Metal, wood, etc.)
Dual career family Dual—career families
Education and state Education—Government policy
Educational associations Education—Societies
Eighteenth century World history—18th century
Electric engineering Electrical engineering
Electric industries Electric products industry
Electronic date processing Data processing
Electronic spreadsheets Spreadsheet software
English language—Errors English language—Errors of usage
English newspapers Newspapers—Great Britain
Family violence Domestic violence
Father and child Father—child relationship
Fathers and daughters Father—daughter relationship
Fathers and sons Father—son relationship
Facsimile transmission Fax transmission
Fifteenth century World history—15th century
Fisheries Commercial fishing
Fourteenth century World history—14th century
France—History—1958—1969 France—History— 195 8
France—History— 1969France—History—1958
French folk songs Folk songs—France
Grandparent and child Grandparent—grandchild relationship
Ground effect machines Air—cushion vehicles
Home business Home—based business
Human relations Interpersonal relations
Indians Native Americans
Indians of Central America Native Americans—Central America
Indians of Central America—Guatemala Native Americans—Guatemala
Indians of MexicoNative Americans—Mexico
Indians of North AmericaNative Americans
Native Americans—North America
Native Americans—United States
Indians of North America—Antiquities Native Americans—Antiquities
Indians of North America—Architecture Native American architecture
Indians of North America—Art Native American art
Indians of North America—Canada Native Americans—Canada
Indians of North America—Captivities Native Americans—Captivities
Indians of North America—Children Native American children
Indians of North America—Christian missions Native Americans—Christian missions
Indians of North America—Claims Native Americans—Claims
Indians of North America—Costume Native American costume
Indians of North America—Dances Native American dance
Indians of North America—Dwellings Native Americans—Dwellings
Indians of North America—Economic conditions Native Americans—Economic conditions
Indians of North America—Education Native Americans—Education
Indians of North America—First contact with Europeans Native Americans—First contact with Europeans
Indians of North America—Folklore Native Americans—Folklore
Indians of North America—Games Native American games
Indians of North America—Government relations Native Americans—Government relations
Indians of North America—History Native Americans—History
Indians of North America—History—Chronology Native Americans—History—Chronology
Indians of North America—Industries Native Americans—Industries
Indians of North America—Languages Native American languages
Indians of North America—Literature Native American literature
Indians of North America—Medicine Native American medicine
Indians of North America—Music Native American music
Indians of North America—Names Native American names
Indians of North America—Origins Native Americans—Origins
Indians of North America—Politics and government Native Americans—Politics and government
Indians of North America—Psychology Native Americans—Psychology
Indians of North America—Relations with early settlers Native Americans—Relations with early settlers
Indians of North America—Religion Native Americans—Religion
Indians of North America—Reservations Native Americans—Reservations
Indians of North America—Rites and ceremonies Native Americans—Rites and ceremonies
Indians of North America—Sign language Native American sign language
Indians of North America—Silverwork Native American silverwork
Indians of North America—Social conditions Native Americans—Social conditions
Indians of North America—Social life and customs Native Americans—Social life and customs
Indians of North America—Wars Native Americans—Wars
Indians of North America—Women Native American women
Indians of South America Native Americans—South America
Indians of South America—Peru Native Americans—Peru
Indians of the West Indies Native Americans—West Indies
Industrial wastes Industrial waste
Infants—Clothing Infants' clothing
Lemon Lemons
Libraries—TrusteesLibrary trustees
Lime (Fruit) Limes
Lime (Mineral) Lime
Literature—Stories, plots, etc. Stories, plots, etc.—Collections
Lord's Supper Eucharist
Lunar petrology Moon rocks
Man (Theology) Human beings (Theology)
MassMass (Liturgy)
Mathematics—Computer assisted instruction Mathematics—Computer—assisted instruction
Minorities in television Minorities on television
Men actorsMale actors
Middle Ages—History Middle Ages
Military health Military personnel—Health and hygiene
Models and model making Models and modelmaking
Modem architecture Modernism in architecture
Modem architecture—1600—1799 (17th and 18th centuries)Architecture— 17th and 18th centuries
Modem architecture— 1800—1899 (19th century)Architecture—19th century
Modern architecture— 1900—1999 (20th century)Architecture—20th century
Modem art—1800—1899 (19th century) Art—19th century
Modem art—1900—1999 (20th century) Art—20th century
Modem history—1800—1899 (19th century) World history—19th century
Modem history— 1900—1999 (20th century) World history—20th century
Modem history—1945World history—1945
Modem painting—1800—1899 (19th century) Painting— 19th century
Modem painting—1900—1999 (20th century) Painting—20th century
Modem sculpture Modernism in sculpture
Modem sculpture—1900—1999 (20th century) Sculpture—20th century
Modernism (Art) Modernism in art
Modernism (Arts) Modernism (Aesthetics)
Moneymaking projects for children Money—making projects for children
Mother and child Mother—child relationship
Mothers and daughters Mother—daughter relationship
Mothers and sons Mother—son relationship
Multimedia systems Multimedia
Nineteenth century World history—19th century
Noninstitutional churches Non—institutional churches
Nonwage payments Fringe benefits
Ohio—Economic policy Economic policy—Ohio
Ohio—Social policy Social policy—Ohio
Orange (Fruit) Oranges
Organic chemistry—Synthesis Organic compounds—Synthesis
Parent and child Parent—child relationship
Parent—teacher relationships Parent—teacher relationship
Pattern making Patternmaking
Physics—Congresses Physics—Conferences
Plots (Drama, fiction, etc.) Stories, plots, etc.
Power plants Electric power plants
Programming (Computers) Computer programming
Programming languages (Computers) Programming languages
Public relations—Libraries Libraries—Public relations
Railroads—Consolidation Railroads—Mergers
Religious art and symbolismReligious art
Renaissance architecture Architecture—15th and 16th centuries
Renaissance art Art—15th and 16th centuries
Renaissance decoration and ornamentDecoration and ornament—15th and 16th centuries
Rich people Rich
RugsRugs and carpets
Saving and thrift Saving and investment
Science and state Science—Government policy
Seventeenth century World history—17th century
Single parent family Single—parent families
Sixteenth century World history—16th century
State aid to education Government aid to education
State aid to libraries Government aid to libraries
Stepfamily Stepfamilies
Stock exchange Stock exchanges
Student lifeCollege students
Talking books Audiobooks
Teacher—student relationships Teacher—student relationship
Thirteenth century World history—l3th century
Tiros (Meteorological satellite) TIROS satellites
Transsexuality Transsexualism
Twentieth century World history—20th century
Twenty—first century World history—2 1st century
Type and type founding Type and type—founding
United States—Commercial policy Commercial policy—United States
United States—Economic policy Economic policy—United States
United States—History—1812—1815, War of 1812War of 1812
United States—Military policy Military policy—United States
United States—Social policy Social policy—United States
Video display terminals Computer monitors
Violence in television Violence on television
WagesSalaries, wages, etc.
World War, 1939—1945—Congresses World War, 1939—1945—Conferences
World Wide Web servers Web servers
Young adults' library servicesYoung adults' libraries

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